Kettle River Mountain Bikers’ Association

Last week we had a bike club director’s meeting at the shop to discuss and decide on a number of issues important to mountain biking in Grand Forks and Boundary Country.

The AGM/club ride has been set for May 7th at 11am.  We will meet at the parking lot where the TCT meets Santa Rosa Rd.  Bring your bike, your gear and your best attitude for a short meeting and a ride down Dewdney trail.  Some will want to ride the climb.  Others can use the shuttle that will be available.  See you there !!

Trail building will proceed at Marshall Pond and Bonanza.  Maintenance is needed on Bundschuh and Needle.  If anyone out there wants to pitch in with a strong back please leave a contact here or at the shop.

We are now listed on trailforks which is an interactive website designed to assist in reporting the condition of a trail and then any remedial action needed by the local trail association.  It also allows for donations to be made to trail associations via a trailforks phone app.

Signage was discussed with a view to improving our trail system so that riders can find a trail and not get lost.  More signage is being planned for various trailheads as well as trail markers for the trails themselves.

Bundschuh is always the first trail open here, so go ride it and let us know how it went.

Happy trails, bf

Keith and Ron demonstrating how to pose with an old  cedar.