Kettle River Mountain Bikers’ Association AGM

Great turn out for the Kettle River Mountain Bikers’ Association AGM at Fisherman on Thursday evening. Your new Board of Directors for 2020/21:

  • Adam Williams – President
  • Robb Sebastian – Vice president
  • Hunter Wey – Treasurer
  • Cathy Astofooroff – Secretary
  • Josh Stzrelec – Trail Coordinator
  • Andrew Mckinlay – Road Director
  • Heidi Sty – MTB Director
  • Keith Dickson – Director
  • Sean Routley – Director

If you have concerns about ANY bike related issues in the Boundary please contact one of the above.

Fisherman Creek Trails

Check out the trails at Fisherman Creek up North Fork.  New improvements have been made recently to Tree Troll and there is the new gnarly Standing Rock trail to test your bike handling abilities.  Easy access is at 10.5 km on North Fork Rd.  Take a left onto Old NF Rd, at one km take a right onto Fisherman Creek FSR.  Ride about 1/2 km past the burnt boat.  The trail entrance is flagged on the left.