Our Challenge

The hardy group that tackled the Hardy Mtn ride last fall.

As skiers, bikers and snowshoers, if we are to enjoy the great outdoors then would it not follow that we need to preserve the great outdoors that we love to play in for others as well?  At Chain Reaction we believe this to be our responsibility and so endeavor to do our part to keep our playground clean.  So, when out on the trail or working in the shop we pick up garbage [now known as ‘waste stream’ because almost everything is recyclable or reusable] or recycle what we can no longer use.  How about you?

FAT BIKE and SNOWSHOE Demo Day at Phoenix Mtn.

Chain Reaction Ride and Slide actively supports these rider and skier driven volunteer societies that promote the growth of healthy lifestyle and sporting activities in Grand Forks and Boundary Country

Grand Forks Cycling Club
The road cycling season starts the week following daylight saving time change in March.  Regular rides start at Chain Reaction on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:15 plus weekends.  There is usually a 15km warm up around Carson Rd before the ride heads up North Fork Rd.

Kettle River Mountain Bikers’ Association
Freeride and Cross country riding is what this club is all about.  Trail building and maintenance happens throughout the season.  There is a published trail guide and trail forks registry.

Grand Forks BMX Club
This club includes over 50 racers each season.  Race night is Wednesdays at 6pm.  The club holds a big July race event with participants coming from all over the Northwest.  The race track is located in Grand Forks City Park.

Phoenix Cross Country Ski Society
This trail system located around Marshall Pond at the top of Phoenix Mtn. has been groomed for many years with a snowmobile.  Now, thanks to a grant from the RDKB, the club has purchased a Bombardier cat which will enable a major improvement to the quality of skiing experiences.

Phoenix Mountain Alpine Ski Society
If you can ski Phoenix, you can ski anywhere.  The Boundary Country loves its DH ski facility…the Best Little Ski Hill in BC.

Grand Forks Community Trails Society
Hiking and riding trails are the bailiwick of this club which manages the Trans Canada Trail between Eholt and Cascade as well as a number of other community trails in Area D.