We stock Specialized  and Marin bikes, two of the best brands in the industry.  We strive to keep a variety of models in our shop.  If we don’t have the bike you need in stock, we have access to every model and can order a bike to fit your personal needs.  Being happy with your new bike purchase is our top priority.  That is why every bike purchased from CHAIN REACTION RIDE and SLIDE comes complete with a service agreement and warranty.  We also have access to Benno and Louis Garneau bike models for special orders.


Styles. Categories.

ROAD bikes are intended to be used on paved highways and pathways.  Road bikes generally are designed as lightweight and aerodynamic for maximum speed.

CITY bikes are generally used on paved streets and pathways, but can also be ridden on smooth gravel paths and trails.  These bikes come in many different categories and include features designed for carrying things and for use in all sorts of weather conditions.

COMFORT bikes are designed for a comfortable ride in an upright riding position with minimal rider weight on the handlebars and may or may not include suspension systems.

MOUNTAIN bikes are designed for use on single track trails and so are designed with suspension forks and/or a rear shock.  Styles include Cross country, All Mountain, Freeride and Downhill.

FAT BIKES are intended for use in snowy or sandy conditions and  are designed with 4-5″ tires,  disc brakes and usually lack suspension systems.

DIRT/STREET bikes are designed for jumping.  These bikes usually have a rigid tail end with suspension fork and disc brakes.

BMX categories are either race or street.  BMX racing is a popular sport where groups [motos]of cyclists race around a track with jumps and bumps.  Street BMX bikes are great for skate parks and other urban riding styles.   Race bikes are light weight where as street or free style models tend to be more rugged, therefore a bit heavier.

YOUTH bikes are for the youngsters in your family and are available either single or multi-speed.    Youth bike sizing is based on wheel size.  Run bike models with no pedals are designed for toddlers who are eager to get a head start on developing their balance.

WOMAN’S SPECIFIC MODELS are available in most categories.  Bikes designed for women include differences at the grips, saddles and forks as well as differences in frame geometry  and finish.

CARGO BIKES are essentially any bicycle which is designed specifically to carry a load – large or small. In its simplest form, cargo bikes can be a two-wheeler with a built-in, reinforced front basket or rear carrier for heavier-than-normal daily transportation needs.

EBIKES are now available in almost any model you may need. They come equipped with a lithiom ion battery and drive motor. Typically, most urban models come complete with fenders, lighting system, kickstands and disc brakes. There are two distinct drive systems; hub drive and mid drive. Higher priced models, including mountain bikes use the mid drive system. These bikes are more fun than they look.



If you have questions regarding the models available today contact us via text at 250-442-0118 or stop by the shop.  We can also be contacted on Facebook.  So, go ahead, hit us with your questions or comments.